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1.20 How do you remove laminate flooring that was put down and glued to the floor?

Q. I have this horrible laminate flooring in my house but it's hard to take off the sub-floor because the laminate is glued to the floor. I have been taking it out with a screw driver and hammer and it kinda damages the sub-floor. Is there a way to take out the laminate with little damage to the sub-floor?

A. That is a very tedious job. You will be sitting there forever with a pry bar though. You can also buy a floor scraper for about $20 at any hardware store. Generally found in the flooring dept. Take my experience though, all depending on what you re-cover with (ie. tile, carpet, etc) if you are going with tile, you need to have a glue free surface. Plywood is inexpensive and easier to remove that your laminate, Not to mention the time and aggravation you will save.

1.20 What type of flooring should I install in my kitchen & bath?

Q. I live in a small home (buillt mid -1950's) in the midwest. I want to replace the ceramic tile currently in kitchen/bath with something that is easier to maintain but that will still look nice. (I don't like the ceramic because its a) white, b) any thing made of glass that falls on the floor is guaranteed to break, and c) I absolutely cannot keep the grout clean, no matter what I do!) I would like the flooring I select to go well with the original hardwoods that are found throughout the rest of the home. I also want to select something that will appeal to buyers in a few years when we sell. The homes in our area sell for around $145K so I want to select flooring that is appropriate for this price range. Any ideas? Thanks!

A. See if you can get a small (1 inch) sample of your current wood trim. Take it to a flooring retailer and they can match it up to a SOLID flloring that you can have installed. I recommend SOLID rather than laminate because you are worried about dropping things. Objects dropped on laminate flooring can go thru the laminate and then you have to replace an entire section. With a SOLID floor, dings and scrapes will not show.

1.20 How do I get laminate flooring to work when my steel door can barely "clear" vinyl flooring?

Q. I'm looking at putting laminate flooring in the kitchen but our steel door leading out to our garage can barely "clear" the current vinyl flooring when it opens, so I know it wouldn't be able to open with a taller laminate floor. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a new door or make any major renovations. Any suggestions?

A. Another option if you can't cut the door off is to put the laminate only up to the outside of the door reach and leave the vinyl as a circular entry type look. It's done with carpeting all the time by outside entry doors, usually so you can have a scatter rug on the vinyl. In your case, you don't have room for a scatter rug.

1.20 How often do u mop your laminate flooring?

Q. Just want to know how often people mop their laminate flooring or how often you should? also what with? I currently mop my laminate flooring and tiled flooring around every 2-3 days sometimes more often, i use hot water with either all purpose cleaner or floor cleaner, and every now and then i use diluted bleach but i dont use bleach too often.

A. Use the floor "WIPE" type mop as they dont hold any water but contain all the cleaning stuff

1.20 Cutting planks of laminate flooring?

Q. I am going to purchase a laminate flooring that comes in 7.5" by 48" planks. Everywhere I look it says to use a miter saw to cut the pieces to length. Nowhere does it say what to do when the piece of flooring is too wide. I may not be a professional carpenter but making two cuts is just ridiculous. I was thinking of creating a jig for the circular saw. Any suggestions? i.e. how to make this or a better solution?

A. Using a straight edge and a couple of clamps will allow you to use your skillsaw for the long cuts. Make sure you cut with the good side down and measure twice, cut once. All the cuts you make like this will be backwards to normal. Take your time and you'll come out with a very nice job!!!!

1.20 How hard is it to install Pergo (laminate flooring)?

Q. Is this a job that one or two people can handle? Can you do an average sized room in a weekend? Do you have to remove floor molding? Should I just give up and get a professional?

A. Not hard just bring the boxes in to the house and open them and leave them so the wood can adjust to the house and humidly the take the molding off being careful not to break it and number it so it goes back on in the same place you need to leave a gap the whole way around the room so the wood can expand and contract you can do it just take your time test fit the room first before installing

1.20 How can I fix laminate flooring that has bubbled slightly at the seams?

Q. Some water spilled on my living room floor and wasn't wiped up right away. Now the seams are starting to bubble about 1/8th of an inch on either side of the seam. You can only see it when the light hits it just right. Is there anyway to fix this? If it continues to bubble I know I'll have to replace it. If it stays the way it is the only thing I could think of is to try and mask it with some sort of wood putty. I've seen some flooring experts respond here so I'm hoping someone has some good ideas for me.

A. Laminate is just a veneer glued over fiberboard. You cannot repair moisture bubbles on laminate flooring. If you are lucky, the floor's appearance will improve as the moisture dries further.

1.20 What is the best flooring for my mountain cabin? Tile, slate, laminate, other? Must be ok with cold temps!?

Q. Please please take pitty on me a post a reply to this question! I decided to go with laminate flooring for the living room / dining room of my SMALL mountain cabin in Upstate New York. However, a person who is an expert in re-doing homes told me that if ANY water gets under the laminate it bubbles up and totally has to be replaced. The cabin very well might leak in the spring when the snow melts! I was advised not to go with real hardwood because the cabin is not heated in the winter - so whatever flooring is put down needs to be able to withstand the changes in temperature. And finally, what about if I want to flip and sell the cabin? What is the best flooring for a return on my money? Right now I am leaning towards slate because it never seems to be out of style, it is easy to care for (am I right on this?), and I would guess that natural stone would be able to handle freezing temperatures. What do you think?

A. I would seal the slate, but that would be my choice and it would add value to the cabin. You can always warm it up by adding area rugs. But, if water could be an issue, even freezing pipes, slate is a durable flooring option which would be least affected. I'm not sure about your market, but in most stone is preferred over tile, but it is also a good option.

Laminate Flooring

 Flooring - Laminate Flooring Laminate floors can be used in any area of your >, California area house, and can be made to duplicate the beauty of hard wood floors. Laminate flooring is long lasting and versatile. These floors are made of several materials that are bonded together to create a wood-liking flooring that uses no solid wood. These floors are ideal if you want a good looking floor that's durable, but without the high cost of a hard wood floor.

 flooring company in East Bay, California Laminate floors can come in the form of High Pressure Laminates which involve a double step process, and Direct Pressure Laminates that involve a single step fusing process. Always buy a High Pressure Laminate that may cost more but is long lasting, and comes with a superior inter locking system. These laminate floors also offer a greater variety of designs, and high quality of finishes. If you want laminate floor that look as close to a wood floor as possible, buy from the higher end of the price range. Before installing a laminate floor, make sure that the sub floor is smoothly laid out, and check each laminate plank for defects and damages.

Although laminate floors come with AC ratings that signify that they have passed all test requirements, you still need to take care of your laminate floor to avoid dents and stains. Look for an AC rating of 3 for your home, although a rating of AC 1 will do for a light use room like a bed room. Protect your floor by using rugs or carpets, and make sure that all floor coverings are made of color fast materials that won't stain your floor. Avoid rough carpet materials that may catch your floor. Never use house hold bleach, ammonia cleaners or detergents to clean your laminate floors. Use products that are recommended by your manufacturer.

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